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2015-08-21 11:09 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Wanda Maximoff; Marvel Cinematic Universe

» WANDA MAXIMOFF (Scarlet Witch)

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2017-01-02 06:08 pm

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2016-12-07 03:55 pm
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routines in wonderland.
places that Wanda frequents / how she spends her time
+ Can be found in her room, obviously.
+ Enjoys the library.
+ Spends time in the Magic training room.
+ Will sometimes hang out in the bar. When she's there alone, she has some reading material with her.
+ TBD.
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This post can also be a handwaving post! Leave a comment to let me know any of the following, with as much detail as possible:
• If there is a conversation you want our characters to have, but you'd rather handwave it.
• If you want to establish the fact that our characters to have a regular hang out time (weekly lunches, coffee, etc.), but don't want to thread it out every single time.
• If you want our characters to hang out for a specific purpose, but don't have the IRL time to thread it out.
• Etcetera!

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2016-11-25 03:41 pm
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(info/inventory ; [community profile] entranceway)

s c a r l e t. w i t c h. | ❝Everybody's afraid of something.❞


♦ CANON POINT: Avengers: Age of Ultron
♦ DATE OF ARRIVAL: November 21st, 2016.
♦ RESIDENCE: Room 025, 7th floor. (pictures)
♦ OCCUPATION: Avenger (back home), TBD here.
♦ MIRROR JOURNAL: [personal profile] experimiracle
♦ APPEARANCE: 26 year old female human. Dark hair, green eyes, 5'6'' (with the kinds of shoes she usually wears, she looks closer to 5'10'' more often than not), 125-ish pounds. She wears her long hair down most of the time, and typically it's more wavy than curly. Her makeup tends to focus mostly on her eyes, with the use of eyeliner and mascara; her lips have an extra pink/red colour to them. Her body type is of a slender/athletic build, meaning she's in a healthy shape. Her physical strength is not the best, so most of her strength is in her abilities. She has some small scars on her, mostly around her arms and legs.
Her every day style of clothing is one of lots of short dresses -- the skirts of which tend to be more loose and flow-y than tight and clinging to her body -- boots, and tights or long socks. She'll also wear jeans, which in further contrast to her dresses, tend to be tight skinny jeans. She'll pair the jeans with a looser shirt, though. She wears a lot of jackets and or shirts/dresses with long sleeves, and if she's not wearing a jacket, she's probably got a shawl around her shoulders. In other words, her arms are pretty much always covered by something or other when it comes to her in her average wear. When she gets dressed up, she goes for a lot of the opposite: Dresses with little or no sleeves, dresses that fit tighter around her -- she'll still prefer a shorter skirted dress, but she is known to occasionally go for a dress with a floor length skirt on it.
♦ DAILY(-ISH) ROUTINE IN WONDERLAND: Details here, which is also a handwaving post.


♥ ARRIVED WITH: Her Avengers outfit. Her wallet + its contents. A small picture of her family (her, her brother, and their parents) when she and her brother were nine years old.
♥ GIFT: A red, glittery wand. (Given to her by Sharon Carter, Christmas 2016.)


♣ MEMORY: "Monkey" (February 4th-8th 2017 → EVENT)



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2016-11-24 10:42 am

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arrival ▸ open
Wanda posts publicly a few days after her arrival.
video ▸ Daisy Johnson ✔
Wanda meets Daisy (who is using an alias of "Sarah") over the network.
log ▸ Bruce Wayne ✔
Wanda meets Bruce at the bar.
text ▸ Sylar ✔
Wanda questions Sylar.
video ▸ Clint Barton
Telekinetic archery????!!!?!?!
video ▸ Elsa
Elsa is looking for her sibling.
log ▸ Bonnie Bennett
Witches doing witchy things.
video ▸ Leonard Snart
Resolutions and stuff.

January ✦ 2017
log ▸ Natasha Romanoff
Natasha (re)arrives, and Wanda chats with her for the first time in Wonderland.
log ▸ Jesse Wells
New year party.
log ▸ Billy Kaplan
New year party.
audio ▸ Sam Wilson
Wanda says hi to a newly arrived Sam.
video ▸ Eleven
Wanda meets another telekinetic.
action ▸ Jo (Harvelle) Lauchlan
Meeting Jo while at the shooting range.
video ▸ Sans
Meeting a skeleton.
log ▸ open ✔
Wanda in the training center.
**THREAD TITLE** ▸ Character 1, Character 2

✔ = Valid for AC.
AC = 1 open post + 4 threads with at least 7 comments from Wanda.
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IC contact - {[community profile] entranceway}

voice. text. video. telepathy.
whatever you want.

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[community profile] entranceway app;

(JUNE 1st, 2017) - TWO NOTES FOR MODS:

↓ application ↓

Name: Tessa
DW username: [personal profile] tessitura
E-Mail: tessavellian [at] gmail [dot] com
IM: tessellations#6577 | (client: discord)
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] figureskating__

Other Characters: None currently.
+ ѕσ уσυ ωαηηα ρℓαу ωιтн мαgιc; вσу, уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ кησω ωнαт уσυяє ƒαℓℓιηg ƒσя + )
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2016-10-08 02:33 pm
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} power update | magic | [community profile] maskormenace

"So you wanna play with magic; boy, you should know what you're falling for.
Baby do you dare to do this? 'Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for - ready for - a perfect storm, perfect storm?"

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(Permanent thread tracking post for KOL from now on. Every time I do an XP dump, this entry will be cleared of all links and reset.)

[Finished Action Log] » Saudi Arabia mission briefing
[Action Log] » Saudi Arabia mission


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MARCH 2016
Video reply to Steve Rogers
( video ) ; 1st hex | open
Audio reply to Khada Jhin
Video reply to Tony Stark and Charles Xavier
IC inbox thread (Erik Lehnsherr)
Video reply to Newt & Hermann
Log reply to Skye
Log reply to Mewtwo

Video reply to Sam Merlotte
Video reply to Peggy Carter
Log reply to Billy Kaplan
Log reply to Kaneda Shotaro
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Video reply to Billy Kaplan
Log reply to Nicolas Demidov

Log reply to Cisco Ramon
Log reply to Sam Merlotte
IC inbox thread (Billy Kaplan)
IC inbox thread (Erik Lehnsherr)
( video ) ; 2nd hex | open
Open log

Video reply to Shepard
Video reply to Billy Kaplan
IC inbox thread (Caitlin Snow)
Text reply to Laurie Collins
Open log
Video reply to Tony Stark
( video ) ; 3rd hex | open

Log reply to Ruby Lucas
Log reply to Erik Lehnsherr
Log reply to Leonard Snart
Video reply to Peter Maximoff
Text reply to Hermann Gottlieb
Text reply to Mark Vorkosigan / "Peter Kane"
Video reply to Billy Kaplan

Video reply to Illya Kuryakin
Video reply to Clint Barton
IC inbox thread (Erik Lehnsherr)
Log reply to Peter Maximoff
Video reply to Dorian Pavus
Log reply to Laurel Lance

Text reply to Emma Swan
Log reply to Elliot Alderson
Video reply to John Constantine

Text reply to Catherine Chun
Video reply to Thor
IC inbox thread (Billy Kaplan)
Log reply to Clark Kent
Log reply to Charles Xavier

Video reply to Sookie Stackhouse
Video reply to Steve Rogers
Log reply to John Constantine
Log reply to Billy Kaplan
Log reply to Sherlock Holmes

Text reply to Sookie Stackhouse
IC inbox thread (Billy Kaplan)
Log reply to Daisy Johnson
Video reply to Persephone

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IC contact - {[community profile] maskormenace}

voice // text // video // email // action // telepathy.
whatever you want.

(Information about Novi -- Wanda's bakery that she owns and works at in De Chima -- can be found here.)