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divaricate: sways @ dw (• here I am)

∞ ❝I can't control their fear; only my own.❞ ∞

"you like my high heels and my lipstick cherry red; you're addicted to the rush"

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Name:Wanda Maximoff ✦ ❝Scarlet Witch❞

❰ "I used to think of myself one way, but after this, I am something else. I'm still me, I think, but that's not what everyone else sees." ❱

Wanda Maximoff — Scarlet Witch | Sokovian, telepathic, telekinetic, Avenger.

»» NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: This is an RP account for Wanda Maximoff as portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Character and player both over 25. This journal is not affiliated with anyone at Marvel Comics, nor is it affiliated with any of the writers/producers/crew/cast of Marvel movies, and the owner of this journal makes no profit from this account nor claims to actually be the character.

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